Let Science Show you the Healthy Way!

Look Younger & Change The Expression In Your DNA!

Be Your Own Boss!

Do you know how healthy you are? 

Let Science Show you the Healthy Way!

Do you know there is a 30 second scan you can take that will help you determine your dietary carotenoid score?   By monitoring this regularly this can provide health benefits in decreasing the risk of disease, particularly certain cancers, stress, dementia and eye disease.
By simply tweaking certain things in your life you can improve your odds and even allow the body to self medicate!  
We perform scans 1:1 or in groups and offer simple education and products to help you get healthy with proven science.

Sickness levels of NHS workers from Stress, Anxiety and Depression is up 17.6% which mean 1 million days of sickness per year!
If you are a company hiring people the statistics in 2017 state every employee averages 4.1 days sickness per year – that is 30 Hours per employee!

What company can afford this?

How can I help you reduce this, protect against this and help make everyone ‘Improve Their odds’

I know you know someone who has suffered from Cancer or has just been diagnosed! The numbers are rising and we need to start taking care of our bodies NOW and start to prevent rather than just cure!
Being sick with any life threatening illness is not fun for you or your family… Take action now against our biggest killer diseases with help from our Scanner and epigenetic science breakthroughs. 


Why not come along to this amazing event – We will be in the foyer doing health scans also to get your gut and brain re-aligned

Standard tickets are priced at £18.99 there are only 340 standard tickets available for this event and you will see first hand how the most dynamic therapist to hit Scotland in over a decade makes  instant change. He will not only use but show and teach everyone the very methods he uses to achieve this daily at his Serenity practice located in the heart of Ayr. Truly a life-changing event.

Event starts at 9am – 5pm
Stalls will be available in the Foyer including our HEALTH SCANNER

This event is not just a standing up and talk about anxiety, this event is very different and you will  learn and come away with the very things you need to defeat this crippling emotion that controls way more than it should.
This event is designed to help and not just talk about it! The event promises to give you a day that will stay with you and help you in all areas of your life when it comes to Anxiety.
Gail Porter is the guest speaker that day and she will share her inspirational story that will show you giving up and accepting anxiety is never even an option.

Getting old comes with Wrinkles, Lines and Dullness of Skin
I can show you a way to look younger & change the expression in your DNA

Patented ageLOC® science is the only thing that should be in your bathroom

In collaboration with leading scientists, the ageLOC® science has revolutionised the way we appear to age. With over 30 years of research the discovery of age-related super markers or – as we call them – “arSuperMarkers.” our exclusive ageLOC® science targets these arSuperMarkers, the ultimate sources of ageing that can influence how we age.

-Remove wrinkles and lines at the source – we don’t just cover them up
-Change the look and feel of your skin forever
-Your skin will look brighter, more youthful and will shine 

My Top 4 Best Anti Ageing Sellers

Worlds #1 Cleanser

Wrinkle Iron 

Full skin care

Worlds only Personalised skincare Device

Get started and make money today

With our Scanning Technology & Epigenetic Science Health Supplements

Train with the Scanner

Learn about the scanner for you to use in your workplace or to promote locally/nationally or internationally

With our SkinCare & Cosmetics

Be A Referral Partner

If you have a network online or offline and wish to make money for referral introductions 

Build a Global Team

If you are a LEADER, motivator or coach then lets talk

The NEW Lumispa 

Treatment and cleanser in one 

Taking the beauty industry by storm

Find Out More Here

Be Your Own Boss 
& add £££’s to your income

Perfect for 
– Business Men looking for high income for leadership
– Business Women who wish to empower other women
– Mums who don’t want to return to work
– Couples who strive to live the life they deserve
– Students who want to earn today!
– For people with a big heart who want to give back 
– Fun, chatty people wanting to travel & make new friends all over the world

Build your team in the comfort of your own home


Order and dispatch your anti ageing products to your clients in over 53 countries


Full Training and Support as you grow your business


We Cover all Areas


Absolutely loved our pamper party and cant wait to use my Body Spa before my wedding!

The ageLOC range recommended by Sharon has made such a difference to my skin, so much so everyone comments on it

I have been taking the TeGreen tablets now for 6 months and my hair and nails are considerably more healthier and stronger

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