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Life is about TRUST and HONESTY something I give 100% in everything I do mixed with Passion and a sprinkle of Sharon 

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Sharon’s Secrets Blog will give you hints tips, tricks, articles mixed with the right amount of knowledge and science to help you make the right choices for you

The Role of Micro Current with Varicose Veins Revealed

The Role of Micro Current with Varicose Veins Revealed

Varicose veins, are simply twisted and enlarged veins near the skin's surface, that can cause both aesthetic concerns and physical discomfort. I wanted to test out the use of our personalised variable MicroCurrent technology with iO.While the WellSpa iO does not claim...

How do I choose liquid collagen?

How do I choose liquid collagen?

How do I choose liquid collagen?When choosing a liquid collagen supplement, it's important to consider factors such as the quality and purity of the ingredients, the effectiveness of the product, and any potential side effects. Look for products that have...

What is the best collagen liquid on the market?

What is the best collagen liquid on the market?

More and more people are getting confused even when asking 'What is the best collagen liquid on the market?'Every brand out there is trying to convince you theirs is the best... SO I thought I would try to help you answer a few questions i've had...

The SHOCKING TRUTH about Collagen Marketing

In this Blog post I am going to address some HARD TRUTHS that have shocked me but also saddens me that so many people are being SUCKED IN by Celebrity Endorsements, Celebrity Brands, Instagrammer Popularity and Marketing Jargon... so let's Break it down as...

Want the truth about Collagen?

Not all collagens are created equal in fact most of them SUCK because they don’t work! The reason they don’t work is because they can never EVER get to the skin If you take the whole collagen molecule and ingest it, it would get DESTROYED by...

Let’s get real about COLLAGEN

It’s not about the milligrams or the Collagen type I,II or IIICollagen is USELESS unless you can protect it!If you are buying a collagen that doesn’t offer protection you are wasting your money!When you step out into the sunlight, you’re exposed to UV rays...

How to find out more about what I do?

When I first was introduced to Network Marketing, MLM, Direct Sales, whatever you call it all I could think about was the term pyramid scheme.  I was not a fan to say the least.   In fact I would be the professional at a networking event not giving 'one of...


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