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Did you know we offer a FREE INNER BODY ANTIOXIDANT DENSITY CHECK? | Sharon Comrie Training and Team Empowered
You may say No I didn’t, but why would I need that?
We can’t see inside our bodies so it’s not like looking in the mirror where we can see signs of tiredness, strain, age etc! The S3 Biophotonic scanner is our bodies age lie detector. It helps us see what cant be seen.
By simply placing your hand on the light for 30 seconds it will deliver a score that lets us understand how well your body is absorbing antioxidants from your food sources and if any supplementation you are taking is actually being absorbed and ultimately working.
So what products do you get a FREE SCAN WITH
  • Lifepak – our Multivitamin delivering the highest active ingredient grade vitamins and minerals to your body
  • JVI or G3 – very like Lifepak in liquid form that can be used by kids, during pregnancy and nursing and also great for people who already take a lot of medication in tablet form
  • Eye Formula – Ophthalmology tested and approved to protect the eyes from blue light damage and ageing of the eyes
  • MY FAVOURITE BEAUTY FOCUS COLLAGEN+ – Delivering cellular signals to your collagen and elastin in the skin and body to develop more with our unique patented, proven blend – turning back time on your body or your money back
  • Youth (USA/Canada/Australia) – Helping your bodies youth gene clusters to perform at a much younger, youthful state giving you energy and that youthfu feeling as well as supporting many key organs and functions in the body
Have any of these products on our super saver subscriptions and you will get a scan for FREE each month and if after 90 days your scan score has not increased you will get your money back
Reach out now and I will arrange your next scan no matter where you live in the world.

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