Mobile App Design and Build

We design build and train you on keeping your mobile app up to date

-Choose your design within our platform
-Low cost monthly subscription
-One off small design fee 
-Available on Google Play and IOS Apple Store
-Loyalty Scheme
-Voucher Scheme
-Social Sharing all built in

SP Lanarkshire

Designed for North Lanarkshire and South Lanarkshire Councils to make Suicide Prevention and support services easy, accessible and impactful for people who are looking for help for themselves or because they are worried about a loved one.

Suicide rates have dramatically increased and we encourage you to download this app, share it and if you are looking for an app similar for your mission please contact me.

My Life My Money

Designed for the NHS to make referring patients across all clinics and services easy for the consultant.   This is an app used by staff and the public combined to help give information on debt, housing, benefits, food banks and much more.

Projects like this are phenomenal knowing I have helped make professionals job easier and more streamlined and potentially helped impact people’s lives that need the help and support.

The Holiday and Flight Centre

Designed for The Holiday and Flight Centre based in Hamilton, Scotland.  This app allows direct contact between client and customer at a touch of a button.   From finding the location of the shop easily with the aid of maps integrated to communicating the latest holiday special offer deals, exclusives or events.   The app also allows customer loyalty and sharing incentives.

The team at the travel agency is amazing with fantastic deals and exclusives constantly combined with outstanding 5* customer service and aftercare.   This app allows them to communicate quickly and easily adding another dimension to customer engagement

C Card

Designed for NHS this app supports the Free Condom initiative in the North Lanarkshire area.  This app allows the user to find clinics where they can collect their free supply of condoms to help reduce the rates of pregnancy, HIV and sexually transmitted diseases.

This is an app used across all genders and all ages.   An important step to allow ease of use of services available in the Lanarkshire area.

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