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Want the truth about Collagen? | Sharon Comrie Training and Team Empowered

Not all collagens are created equal in fact most of them SUCK because they don’t work!

The reason they don’t work is because they can never EVER get to the skin

If you take the whole collagen molecule and ingest it, it would get DESTROYED by your stomach acid

and never get to the skin EVER!!! FACT
In fact it’s a SCIENTIFIC FACT

So how does beauty focus collagen plus get round this … so we put the molecules through chemical slicing until we came up with a whole bunch of collagen peptides (small fragments of the collagen)

Each and every fragment was tested until after rigorous testing we found the one good enough to go into Beauty Focus Collagen+

So when you see something that says it’s collagen


Most of the companies don’t even test what they have – the shocking reality is they don’t even know if they have collagen in their product

Shocking but actually True!!!!

This is the power of advertising and clever marketing language

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