In this Blog post I am going to address some HARD TRUTHS that have shocked me but also saddens me that so many people are being SUCKED IN by Celebrity Endorsements, Celebrity Brands, Instagrammer Popularity and Marketing Jargon… so let’s Break it down as simple as I can to help you make the right decision for you.



Scientifically Proven

Ok when you see this you would think this actually means the company you are purchasing Collagen from have done scientific clinical trials to prove their product works


In fact out of all the companies the scientists researched and I contacted personally only a very small few have done some sort of Scientific study.  Most have NOT DONE A STUDY ON THEIR ACTUAL FINISHED PRODUCT YOU ARE POSSIBLY TAKING

One Direct Sales company who claims 7 patents plus numerous industry awards & clinical studies when you actually see the CLINICAL STUDY IN FULL it states CLEARLY that 
‘increase in collagen content was maintained, but the difference from baseline was not significant (3.5%, P = 0.134)’ (extract from PMC) 

Another company uses marketing that their collagen peptides are super absorbable at 2kd – this is actually factually correct and the optimal size of peptide to be absorbed.  However when you look at the source its from Pig and with no 6S quality process there is no industry checks visible to validate the health, wellbeing or quality of the raw ingredients used.
‘70% of pigs are are known to have pneumonia by the time they’re sent to the slaughterhouse. In order to keep pigs alive in conditions that would otherwise kill them the industry keeps pigs on a steady diet of the antibiotics that we depend on to treat human illnesses. This overuse of antibiotics has led to the development of “superbacteria,” or antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains. ‘

On over 40 adverts by Celebrity endorsed Collagens or the claim of the UK’s top quality collagen etc on all of them I could NOT FIND ANY SCIENCE to back it up that they done and from the ones emailed I received only GENERIC COLLAGEN RESULTS…. thats no use to anyone as Collagen is an unregulated market so on may there is actually NO PROOF IT EVEN CONTAINS COLLAGEN

Furthermore companies that market on the milligrams this again does not prove anything because if the Collagen peptides used is not broken down in a very specific hydrolyzed enzymatic manner to make it absorbable and more importantly actually signal to YOUR CELLS to produce more collagen naturally then you are basically peeing it out as it cannot survive the gut!   

If you are buying on the type if it is type I,II,III again this is not really significant if the peptides are broken down to be absorbable – I know it’s confusing and I get why so many people fall into the marketing TRAP




The Collagen I choose to take here are a few reasons I take it and recommend it

  • We did not kill any animals to produce it, it is from a quality assured and certificated supplier where the animals are in the food chain already and we use the animals by-products assisting the food chain, test them via our 6s quality process (that would be required if it had to be FDA approved) used if each and every batch passes all the Safety, Standardisation, Substantiation and more tests it goes through so EVERY time you take it you get the EXACT SAME formula/effectiveness
  • The bovine used is then put through a further enzymatic hydrolyzed process to create a unique fingerprint that no longer resembles the raw product but is then proven to be more bioavailable to the body at cellular level
  • The scientific results show 65-79% effects in the skin collagen and elasticity production compared to all others that we have seen showing under 8% – there is NO COMPARISON 
  • I can measure if it is working inside my own body and on my clients
  • Thousands of PHD qualified professionals and physicians back this product as its produced by 75 full time in-house scientists across 13 subspecialties then a further 150 scientists from Yale, Harvard, University of Edinburgh, Stanford and many more 

So the question is do you buy because your favourite celebrity says in an advert or magazine that they use it?
How do you know they actually use it?

Do you buy because of marketing jargon? We all do at some point as it’s SO BELIEVABLE but the main fact when it comes to Collagen is to understand the science

You are ingesting this EVERYDAY do you want to be putting something in your body daily that could contain e coli, mould, herbicides, pesticides and worse because the company you purchase from doesnt have to check nor do they have the equipment and facility to test every raw ingredient batch used unlike the collagen I take.

Are you willing to just go on the Placebo effect or the small changes you have experienced or are you serious about QUALITY and real science proven that will deliver THE BEST RESULTS GUARANTEED by the scientific clinicals produced and documented.

Does your current Collagen offer you a FREE antioxidant density scan to check that the collagen you are taking is ACTUALLY WORKING and offer you a full MONEY BACK GUARANTEE? I do …





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