Would you like help to create leverage in your current business by just making a few minor tweaks, being fully focused and having a plan of action and income?

With the 4K Club not only will you get access to the best training and support you will also get access to 

  • Award winning patented products to support your business and make recommending easy, effortless and scalable
  • Income plan where there are no capped limits and full flexibility of how to scale your business 
  • The ability to offer your clients the best in science combined with your service for maximum client satisfaction
  • Offer a flexible and easy to use loyalty program where your clients can save on regular purchases, earn cashback rewards and be rewarded for their loyalty to you
  • Easy client set up where clients can manage their online accounts and subscriptions with ease 
  • Choose to duplicate our plan teachings to help other business owners do the same and be very well financially rewarded or choose to focus fully on your own clients
  • Business strategy and mentorship throughout


Go at your Own Pace…

Our business plan & strategy sessions will help you plan if our

  • 3 month to success plan
  • 6 month to success plan
  • 12 month to success plan

Is right for you!   This can change as your business develops.   The business strategy laid out with you will look at focusing on adding ONLY 3 main products into your business recommendations so it’s easy to learn, easy to talk it over with clients and easy to earn.
With a business built on successful subscriptions in over 50 countries for over 37 years we know we can show you the way to success should you wish to focus, build and create exceptional monthly profits.

Success is waiting on you …

Your clients will be getting access to one of the worlds leading GENE Expression focused companies with the leading DNA database science nearly 20 years ahead of all other companies. This ensures that the products produced for your clients are of the top quality but most importantly the best science, the best research and the best ingredients to ensure we live up to our ‘All of the good none of the bad’ motto.   With NO product going to market without clinical studies we take it further as our in-house 75 full time scientists have the same vision to produce the best products on the market that can be proven and actually work. 

Our international pricing structure allows you to recommend your products to patients, clients and connections in 50 countries with a click of a button easily.   Your clients/patients will also have ease of managing their subscriptions via their own online portal that they are now so used to using with internet shopping booming!   Our job is to ensure they are educated and purchase quality products backed by science from your recommendation instead of purchasing from online shops with no trace of quality.

Easy to get started

Our program cost will give you access to 1:1 mentoring and support you on your journey to a 4K a month additional income!
This program is designed to be fitted in around even the BUSIEST OF LIFESTYLES with video content that can be listened to when driving, zoom calls on a diarised basis, support and mentoring via text and messenger within 12 hours.    

Once you purchase the program you will receive a kit with 3 of our starter products for you to try, sell and market.
Even if you decide the program is no longer for you the retail value of the kit you receive is over $400 more than the 4K Club program cost.
Even better if within a 12 month period of sign up you decide to return any products the product manufacturer will refund you directly for any unused products (T&C’s apply) no questions asked.


There is no better time to start and enroll in the 4K club today and take your business to the next level


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