I often look at my family common gene themes and know that if I don’t take action that’s what lies ahead – do you?

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As a Child I was brought up in the competitive dance world from a very young age dancing 7 days a week, competing, training, travelling and when I stopped doing it at full speed my body developed signs of ageing quickly but not only that the same patterns as my mum.

Sore joints, weight gain, stiffness not to mention genetic ageing signs facially.   Now I absolutely love my mum but do I want to age like her, the answer is no and she would never want me to.  However if I look a the family genetics on ageing within the family there is common themes from blood clots, inflammation, joint problems, ageing skin characteristics.   The outcome should I not do anything is staring me in the face, literally.   So my question to you is do you want to age like your parents?

Lets be honest we would all mostly like to live young and live well, right?

One area I have a challenge with genetically is  weight gain – One well-established method of healthy aging, related to the intake of calories or how much food is consumed, has been shown in scientific research to have favorable outcomes on health. However, it is difficult and not practical to reduce the number of calories we consume for the rest of our lives. Therefore, one area of innovative research has focused on studying some of the mechanisms of this anti-aging intervention, and how certain nutrients may be able to provide similar benefits.   This absolutely impacts joint health, cellular repair, brain health, heart health and function, metabolic performance, skin health and bone health – Damn you Calories, you are forever my nemesis!

I absolutely do not believe in the QUICK FIX rather i look for ways to improve my health and my research around a particular proven supplement that promotes the body’s natural ability to fight aging shows each ingredient, most of which are from foods not typically found in the everyday diet, carefully selected for its unique health benefits and ability to positively impact gene expression. The result were incredible showing a broad spectrum of anti-aging benefits that support many structures and functions in the body, covering everything I know i’m concerned about above.

In the brain cortex, skeletal muscle, and heart, the gene expression profiles of typical aging are distinctly different from those taking the supplements.  This indicates the supplement on many subjects had a powerful impact on gene expression, not just in one tissue but in multiple tissues and found a positive effect in each one inside the body, showing clear proven results in the intervention of healthy aging.

However now with the added scientific evaluations on the skin with our ground breaking Liquid Collagen+ formula we can now supercharge your bodies anti ageing Genes to slow down and express in a much more youthful pattern

For the last 3 full months I introduced the supplement and the liquid collagen into my daily habits and the results for me personally have been remarkable with less joint inflammation, better clarity, more focus, more energy, no metabolic binge eating but most of all my skin, hair, nails and joint condition is unlike anything I have experienced.   Now at 46 its not just looking at how well im ageing against my family genes I look at people my age and I can physically see the difference demonstrated instantly.

To me my health is my wealth, yes I may be overweight but that mountain is a slow one to conquer but my health right now is massively on track!


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