Hi and welcome to my website

As I get ready to take my family and business to international shores I have made big changes in the last year.

Sharon Comrie Training is split into 2 sections; Digital Training & Management and Promoting of Anti-ageing and health care products globally.

The last year has been so exciting to learn and share the amazing business of Anti-Ageing, Health & Wellbeing, Market Trends, Business, Finance and Professionalism of my company with business people and clients. This change is allowing me to work anywhere in the world and turn my dreams into reality!
I continue to work with my marketing clients from small SME’s to the NHS / large hotel chains (and everything in between). My personal passion lies with email marketing services and teaching companies to ensure they are in control of their own digital marketing.
With both businesses running side by side I am looking after clients with the care and knowledge that has proven to be a winning formula for years! I truly believe in people buy from people, it’s not just a saying! I pride myself in sharing my personality, knowledge and professionalism daily and this has allowed me to work with lots of prestigious companies but, most importantly to me is the help I can give to new and upcoming business entrepreneurs ensuring they get the right advice and help in the early crucial stages.
I offer training and management of the following:
– Social Media
-Mobile Phone Apps
-Email Marketing
Alongside the amazing world of anti ageing for men and woman.

If you have met me you know I love to talk – so give me a buzz 0141 212 7127

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