One of the main reasons I love my company is the ethos and industry standards set for over 30 years!

Pharmanex sets the industry standard for scientific integrity!

Our scientists examine the natural, healthy processes that take place in the body and determine how nutritional supplementation can enhance these functions. After weighing these factors, only substances known to be safe and effective in promoting health are taken to the next stage of development.

You can be assured that all Pharmanex ingredients are subjected to a stringent, scientific analysis known as the 6S® Quality Process.

More than 75 on-staff scientists lead the research and development team at Nu Skin. These scientists review published clinical and scientific studies to identify botanicals that may have health-promoting properties.

The Pharmanex brand of science-based nutritional supplements is a part of Nu Skin, a global direct selling company operating in 49 markets throughout Asia, the Americas, and Europe

Weight Loss Products


Trying to juggling work, home and just life in general can make it hard to eat healthy meals!

But there is a solution if you like shakes!

Just add  250 ml of semi-skimmed milk, for a great way to get all the nutritional requirements of one main meal.

But the benefits don’t stop there:

· vitamins and minerals
· a meal replacement shake for weight control
· proteins that will contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass
· a meal that can be integrated into your busy lifestyle

Your days of sacrificing good nutrition for convenience are over.

Love Hitting the Gym or just want to look after your body better?

We have a massive range of supplement all proven to work.

We know they do as we are the only company who can prove this by using our BioPhotonic Scanner

Choose from:

Vitamins to help your body perform better

Nutritional’s that target your bodies functions and pack them full of vitamins

Weight Management packed full of supplements to ensure your body is getting what it requires

We know our supplements work

Our company for over 30 years still is the only company that can measure the carotenoids levels in your skin tissues using the long-accepted science of Raman Spectroscopy. By simply placing the palm of your hand in front of the Scanner’s low-energy blue light, you will obtain your Skin Carotenoid Score (SCS) within seconds.

It is science based and credible.

The Raman Spectroscopy technology used by the Scanner is a Physics Nobel Prize winning technology recognised by scientific articles and studies – Named a 2014 bronze winner from the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA).

Depending on your dietary habits, supplementation and the capacity of your body to absorb carotenoids, your individual SCS may vary. Once you know your SCS, it is time to improve it by doing the following:

1.       Act on your diet by eating at least 5 to 10 servings of carotenoid-rich fruits and vegetables each day.

2.       Take care of yourself by applying a healthy dietary lifestyle.

3.       Supplement with the Scanner certified products, Lifepak+ and JVi. They are certified to help provide your body with an adequate amount of carotenoids.

If after taking the Scanner certified products your SCS does not increase, your money will be refunded. Click here for complete Money Back Guarantee details.

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